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Eating fruits is a daily habit of people, especially women, to keep their body fit and skin ruddy. Specially, eating fruits is goodfor the health of the eye. Lots of fruits contain rich carotenoids, important elements that prevent cells from damage. Among all carotenoids, two kinds named lutein and zeaxanthin can particularly do good to the health of the eye. In our daily life, possessing a good knowledge of what fruits are best for eye health is very necessary. What are introduced hereinafter are the top fruits that benefit the eye most.

1. Fruits rich in vitamins A and C
Vitamins A and C are antioxidants, so they help a lot to keep the eye tissues and cells healthy. It is reported that antioxidants found in vitamins A and C are exceedingly wonderful in the prevention of some eye diseases. The fruits full of vitamins A and C include oranges, kiwi fruits, grapes, tomatoes and so forth. Having these fruits in great numbers can increase the content of victoria C in eye lenses, better resisting oxidation and decreasing the damages caused by free radical to the eye.

2.  Fruits rich in lutein
Lutein is one type of carotenoids. According to the findings of scientists, lutein can provide special protection to the limbus luteus in the retina. And the lack of lutein will probably cause the degeneration of the limbus luteins and a blurry vision. Fruits rich in lutein are mango, bilberries, oranges, actinidia berry and many others. Ingestion of fruits full of lutein is also good for the eye development of babies and adolescents.

3. Fruits rich in vitamin B
Medically speaking, a considerable amount of free Vitamin B2 is stored in the retina of the eye, the lack of which will result in eye sensitivity to light, tearing, burning pain and itching, visual fatigue and eye spasms. To stop and alleviate all these symptoms, it is recommendable to eat fruits that are rich in vitamin B. And bananas, grapes, pears, kiwi are all proved to have a great amount of vitamin B. If possible, try to consume them more.

4. Fruits rich in zeaxanthin
Compared with lutein, zeaxanthin is all the same necessary in the protection of eye health. Why does zeaxanthin pose such magical efficacy to the eye?It’s said that it is owing to the fact that zeaxanthin can shelter Blu-ray, resist oxidation and help release heat. That’s why zeaxanthin is known as “natural protective sunglasses” of the eye. Zeaxanthin is often found in numerous fruits like tangerines, oranges and grapes.

5. Fruits rich in vitamin E
The role of vitamin E in the human body is the most widely used, more than any other kind of nutrient. For the eye health, vitamin E can resist oxidation, promote cell synthesis and anti-pollute. The short of vitamin E will cause myopia, cataract and other eye problems. So eating fruits rich in vitamin E is vital to our eye health. Kiwi, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts), polly seeds are all reported to be rich in vitamin E.

The eye is the window of the soul and it is our duty and necessity to better protect our eyes. Eat more fruits good for eye health and our eyes would be brighter and healthier.

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