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After purchasing a pair of eyeglasses, you have to employ it with caution and maintain them in good shape, because in so doing it will save you a lot of money to buy another pair. So the knowledge of glasses maintenance will place you on the receiving end of extra room for budget.

1. How to cleanse glasses?
Even a wonderful pair of glasses will take the shine off if not being regularly and properly cleansed. It’s necessary to clean glasses, or we can not enjoy a good wearing experience. And now we will tell you how to cleanse glasses in a proper way.
The most common and recommendable way of cleansing glasses are cleansing them under warm running water. Firstly, you carefully wash them with a mild soap just under the overflow of warm running water. Be careful not to use too much strength, otherwise the glasses may get scratched. Do not stop washing until you find them smoothly bright in the water. If being cleansed, the glasses then should be wiped dry by a soft cloth. Moreover, try to brush any dirt and dust off the nose pad, say, with a used toothbrush carefully.
There are advice and warnings that you should know to cleanse glasses.
•Do not use much too irritant soap to wash glasses, for example, hand soap.
•Do not touch dry lenses.
•Do not dry the glasses with coarse cloth.

2. How to wear and deposit glasses?
A. If you are an aged person wearing reading glasses, beware that your reading glasses should be attached to a chain around your neck, lest you accidently lost them.
B. Do not remove eyeglasses by one hand, in case that you will have your glasses frame scratched and screws loosened. Also, remember to put them on with both hands gently. Treat it with tender care.
C. Do not wear glasses on the top of your head. This is not a pair of fashion sunglasses which can also not afford to be treated like this. This act will place extra stress on the frame and deform the shape.
When you are not wearing glasses, you need to know how to deposit them for good shape. You will need a glasses case to store it when not in use. You shall put them on a flat surface, with lenses facing upward. Do as little as possible to contaminate your lenses’ coating with your sweats or other material.

3. How to repair glasses?
Well, a minor defect of glasses doesn’t require you to replace it for a new one immediately. If you get the hang of repairing glasses, it will save you a lot. When your glasses’ screws are loosening, you can screw it up with a small-bladed screwdriver. If you are inconvenienced by the loss of eyeglasses, a magnifier will help you a great deal.
Bear in mind that you have to treat your glasses well. Only in so doing can your glasses save money for you.


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