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Price and payment
1. The prices shown on honioptical.com are the price that you, our customer, will pay.
2. We accept the major credit cards. Payments will be effected by debiting your account. No production of eyeglasses will be processed before we receive your payment.
3. In case of our failure of providing you the products you order from honioptical.com, we will inform you in writing and will refund the full payment to the same card, with no more responsibility at our side.
4. Customers will only be charged once for shipping costs (this includes returns); No-restocking fee to be charged to the consumers for the returned product.

QANDIES LIMITED, 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE 

Customers' inspection of eyeglasses
1. Once the package is delivered and received by you, our customer, you must conduct inspection immediately and carefully. Failure in doing so will be your own responsibility.
2. If you, our customer, find the eyeglasses and accessories are damaged or lost, or not in accordance with what you have ordered, please contact us immediately. Failure in doing so will be your own responsibility.
3. In case you decide to return the package to us, please do not use the eyeglasses and enclosed accessories, and keep its original status. Failure in doing so will be your own responsibility.

Change and cancel the order 
1. Eyeglasses are custom-made products, so if you want to change the order, you must send us the details of the changes within the 6 hours of your ordering from us. After the first 6 hours, the order can not be changed as it is already in the stage of production.
2. For the order that can not be changed, we will start producing a new pair of eyewear based on your changed details, and it will count as your, our customer's, one-time return or exchange. You will lose the chance of further return or exchange.
3. You, our customer, can not cancel the order after the initial 6 hours if the order is already in the process of fitting. Should the customer choose to directly receive a refund at this stage, please contact our staff for exact cost incurred by us and we will charge you for that cost.
4. For any change or cancellation concerning your order, we will send an acknowledgment email to you. In case you do not receive any email from us, please contact our staff at service@honioptical.com without delay.

Transfer rights
1. You may not have the right to transfer this contract or any part of it without our written permission, as this contract is a personal agreement between us.
2. We may have the power to subcontract the whole contract or part of it to another competent party or parties, without your prior permission, to satisfactorily fulfill this contract and serve you better.


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